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The most effective media agency of this year's EFFIE Awards.

This year's EFFIE Awards finale included 17 projects, of which 6 campaigns were done by Pro Media Group team.

Pro Media Group has been awarded 3 EFFIE awards, for which it has designed and implemented media strategies and campaigns, making it the most effective media agency of this year's EFFIE Awards.

 The Golden EFFIE Award of the Expert Jury in the category Telecommunication Services for Effective Market Communication was awarded by the campaign "Unlimited Family", which was implemented and designed for the client Hrvatski Telekom.

The campaign has achieved remarkable communication and sales results, and the story of two lovers whose unlimited internet helps to share love has caused a storm of positive emotions.

The Iskon Internet client's "Prilika Života" campaign, for which Pro media group designed the media strategy of the campaign, was awarded the bronze EFFIE Award. The primary goal of this campaign was to point out that the opportunities of life should not be missed.

The second EFFIE bronze was won for "Samo opušteno" the Jamnica Plus campaign in the Beverage category for the Jana Ice Tea brand, Pro media group is behind this media strategy as well. The campaign is successfully launched into a new communications territory, brand indicators have been strengthened, sales volume has been increased and the best value shares have been achieved in the past few years.

The awards just won show that with a good product or service and a good creative idea, designing and implementing a media strategy is a key path to achieving market success.