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1. Terms of Use

Permitted use

Downloading and printing any forms, such as for orders, etc., and viewing other materials and content on this address is only possible for personal purposes. Public display, transmission, publication, modification, reproduction, distribution, participation in transmission or sale, making copies, uploading, and any other type of use of the entire content of the website or any part thereof, as well as the selection and adaptation of their content, without the explicit written permission of Pro media group and other holders of copyright and other intellectual property rights, is prohibited. If such permission is granted, it is not allowed to delete or modify existing data related to copyright and/or trademarks or other intellectual property rights.


Use for commercial purposes

It is prohibited to use the website for trade, sale, or other commercial purposes other than purchasing from Pro media group. Posting advertisements or collecting offers for products and services is not allowed without the written approval of Pro media group. Transmitting and publishing obscene, offensive, vulgar, threatening, or otherwise unacceptable or unlawful content, as well as content that infringes on the rights of any party, especially content containing viruses or other harmful material, is prohibited. Users are responsible for any damage resulting from their activities that do not comply with the above, as well as for any other type of damage that may arise from it.


2. Copyright and other intellectual property rights

The content of the website is protected by copyright owned by Pro media group or granted to Pro media group and owned by third parties. Pro media group also has the copyright to edit, choose, and coordinate the content of the website. Furthermore, the website contains trademarks, names of individuals, and other intellectual property content owned by Pro media group or third parties, and Pro media group is the licensee. You must not assume that any content on the website is for unrestricted use. Permission for reproduction may be requested.
Images and Videos

All photos, images, video recordings, biographical data of individuals, and/or other materials appearing on the website are exclusively owned by Pro media group. Copyright and other intellectual property rights to all materials on the website belong to Pro media group. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to entities for the use of these materials solely for promotional, editorial, and informational purposes published in newspapers, magazines, and electronic media. Different use of materials from the website is not allowed. Also, the use of any materials from the website in connection with the sale or offering for sale of products or services of any kind is not permitted. The defined permission and the method of using the website cannot be transferred, subcontracted, or assigned, and any intended or attempted transfer, subcontracting, or assignment will be deemed void. By using materials from the website, media users commit to fully comply with the restrictions, terms, and requirements set forth herein.


3. Warranties and disclaimer of rights

Pro media group makes reasonable efforts to publish accurate and up-to-date information on the website but does not assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the same, nor does it provide the right to object in that regard. In addition to warranties for products expressly published by Pro media group, Pro media group emphasizes that all materials and content on the website should be taken “as is,” and Pro media group is not responsible for any consequences that may arise from a different interpretation of materials and content on the website. Pro media group does not guarantee that the website will always be available and accessible or that it will not contain errors or viruses. Each user expressly accepts the use of the website at their own risk.

Pro media group is not responsible for any damage or injury (including, but not limited to, special or consequential damage) that may result from the use or inability to use any part of the website or content published or added by other users.

Media subjects and other users who use the website expressly agree to indemnify Pro media group for any and all claims, costs, damages, or liabilities arising from the negligent use of materials from the website by the same user, including any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damage.

Furthermore, Pro media group and suppliers assume no legal responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the data, devices, products, or procedures presented here and do not guarantee that the use of information, devices, products, or procedures will not disturb private rights.


Disclaimer of advertising rights

Mentioning any specific product, process, or service with a brand name, trademark, manufacturer, or the like does not necessarily mean that Pro media group or any of its employees and suppliers endorses, recommends, or favors it.


Disclaimer of external links

The presence of external hyperlinks does not imply that Pro media group, suppliers, or sponsors endorse such external websites or the information, products, or services they contain. Pro media group or any of its employees, sponsors, and suppliers have no control over the information contained on such external sites. External links on the website comply with the Pro media group policy, which is not responsible for the content of any linked site received from its servers. Links may include textual links, small images, icons, or thumbnails illustrating the link, but not advertising products or services.


4. Protection of Personal Data, Confidentiality, Cookies

For the proper functioning and improvement of any website, including this one, a small amount of information – cookies – is stored on your computer. In order to improve your user experience, most websites use this practice. We are obliged to inform you about it and ask for your consent. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Blocking cookies will still allow you to use this site, but some of its features will be disabled.


What are cookies?

Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on your computer when you visit websites. They usually store your settings, website settings, such as preferred language or address. When you return