Veliki je propust, ne uzeti dopust
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Impressum with a 360 ° campaign in the fight for equal parenting

Gang, we had to brag! Be sure to read this, the topic is raising happier small people.

Imagine a world where dads are not just “part-time nannies,” but are fully involved in that wonderful chaos of child-rearing from day one. It might sound rather surreal to us, but maybe the time has come to make it a reality?

Our agency got a cool job from the Central State Office for Demography and Youth to design and implement a campaign that would put a message in the ear (and heart) of every father saying “Hey, Dad! Take the opportunity, you have the right to take leave to be a great parent!"

Veliki je propust, ne uzeti dopust

Step one? We did a little snooping around and conducted some research with Ipsos to see what people thought. It turns out that people largely agree with the idea of fathers being more involved in raising babies. A good start.

Then we got to work. First – the logo and slogan. Our creative copywriter loves rhymes beyond reason, but when he suggested “Don't delay, take paternity leave today!” , we knew right away that we had the right stuff. And the client immediately liked it as well. Then they saw a warm, modern, clear logo that represents a happy child in the shared arms of a mother and father, and that was it. Great, we have the basic message and visual identity of the campaign.

After that, we joined forces with our colleagues, media masters from PMG, and put together a media strategy that will convey the message to everyone we want, of course, for an optimal budget.

And then came designing and producing the rest of the campaign: TV ad, radio, print, digital outdoor, billboards... In addition, a press conference in the plenary hall of the National and University Library, the entire Government wearing badges with the campaign logo during its session, national PR coverage, interviews and guest appearances on television, campaigns on Facebook and Instagram… Everywhere you turned, we were there…!

The campaign officially launched in mid-March 2024. We're talking about dads, so we know there will be even more games, fun, hugs, and memories... There will also be many more broken plates, muddy clothes, a few broken knees, but these will also become beautiful memories!

And remember - parenting doesn't have a replay button and that is why we say, “Don't delay, take paternity leave today!”!